Currie Enterprises Featured

1480 North Tustin Avenue, Anaheim, CA, 92807
Celebrating its 50th year in business, East Anaheim-based Currie Enterprises has evolved with the times to encompass every type of vehicle from off-road to hot rods to drag cars. From the early days when founder Frank Currie and his four sons fabricated rearends for industrial vehicles, the family business has focused on superior customer service and innovative design.

One of the first in the industry to offer complete, bolt-in rearends, Currie’s in-house R&D department continues to design, build, test, sell and install state-of-the-art rearend and drive train products. The 9-inch Ford rearend has always been Currie’s rearend of choice. As it became the high-performance axle of choice for hot rods, muscle cars and Jeeps, Currie Enterprises became one of the most recognized names in specialty rear ends and components. The key to the 9-inch Ford’s popularity is its versatility. Available with vast amounts of options to suit any type of vehicle, it can be custom made for unusual models or is offered as a bolt-on direct replacement option for about 30 different common vehicle models, simplifying things for the customer. “In our industry,” explains Brian Shepard, marketing manager, “a lot of customers don’t know a lot about rearends. We help them sort through it. They call and tell us what kind of vehicle they are building and what they want to do with it and we make recommendations.” Because the 65 employees are all enthusiasts, many of whom work on their own vehicles, they’re able to provide high-end, experienced service. “We do everything here,” Shepard says. From redesigning and manufacturing components for rearends that exceed original cores in strength, quality, durability and versatility to providing knowledgeable customer support to marketing through magazines, event participation and social media, Currie Enterprises continues to expand its product line and its clientele, looking ahead to the next 50 years.