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10820 S. Norwalk Blvd.,, Santa Fe Springs, CA, 90670
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One of hot rodding’s true icons, Mooneyes, was created by the late Dean Moon. Growing up in the Forties, Dean never drove anything he couldn’t modify. His first product was a cast aluminum fuel block made in high school shop class. A Santa Fe Springs, California, café owned by Dean’s parents, had a garage in back that became one of the most popular and enduring companies in hot rodding. Moon’s products soon became popular with racers and rodders. Earnings were put back into R&D, and soon he outgrew the garage, moving the company to the Norwalk Boulevard location where it still exists today.

Moon’s innovations are timeless; Moon spun aluminum wheel discs are used on dry lakes and land speed race cars. Moon aluminum fuel tanks and oil tanks are on present day drag cars, hot rods and boats, just as Moon finned aluminum valve covers, gauges and other products are still in use. Racing to showcase his products, cars such as the “Moonbeam”, a Devon-bodied sports car powered by a Chevy V-8 with a Potvin front-mounted blower, the “Moon Jocko Streamliner”, the Salt Flats’ most eye-catching car, and the “Mooneyes Dragmaster Dragster” have all contributed to the Moon lore. Dean’s contemporaries, many legends themselves, included Ed Iskederian, Don Garlits, Clay Smith, Mickey Thompson, George Barris and Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, among others. Moon’s relationship with Carroll Shelby prompted him to build the first Shelby Cobra in Moon’s facility, which in ’62 rolled off the assembly line. Moon also served as an original board member and past president of SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association.

When Moon passed away in 1987, not only was it a shock to his family, it was a loss of one of the industry’s founders and innovators. A true legend in the aftermarket, the company he created lives on. Moon’s dealer in Japan, Shige Suganuma, bought Mooneyes from the family, and continues the tradition here with Chico Kodama running the U.S. branch, in Japan, and in Mooneyes locations worldwide.