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2700 California Street, Torrance, CA, 90503
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Edelbrock products start with an original thought or idea that then has to be translated into a working model. Our R&D staff is not only well qualified at their respective positions, but they're also automotive enthusiasts.

Why is being an enthusiast so important? Because an enthusiast does more than work in the automotive aftermarket, they live it - and it's at that point where understanding the inner workings of a supercharger, or an engine, EFI system becomes second nature. They are constantly thinking of new and innovative ways of making a product that works better.

To aid them in bringing their passion to life, Edelbrock engineers have access to the most up-to-date tools such as the Siemens NX7 design suite, Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) software and the latest in 3D rapid prototyping. All these technologies combined allow our engineers to take a product from idea to reality in a shorter period of time, ensuring the product performs properly before ever producing a production part.

The R&D process improves the product while it's being developed, and is a true testament of the commitment to performance that goes into all of our products. Whether they're manifolds, superchargers, fuel injection systems, cylinder heads, nitrous systems, or carburetors, you can rest assured that the final product was directly influenced by the passion for performance that is an integral part of our Research and Development team.

Our Distribution Center (DC) covers 65,000 square feet in Torrance, California. A "real-time" inventory system downloads all orders to hand-held scanners for fast and efficient shipping of orders. With a ceiling of 35 feet, there's enough room for 6 levels of pallet racking packed full of Edelbrock and Russell performance products ready to be shipped all over the world.

Located in the front 10,000 square feet of the DC, Vic's Garage is home for the Edelbrock collection of R&D vehicles, street rods, street machines, race cars and memorabilia from over 70 years in the automotive industry.