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11707 Slauson Avenue, Santa Fe Springs, CA, 90670
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Connecting old school craftsmanship with modern technology …
What’s ninety-five years young and still growing as a business and serving an industry? You might think hard and fast to names like the great railroads, the likes of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Kentucky Derby or the era of early baseball veterans. Uncommon are the thoughts of companies’ who have sustained life let along growth after experiencing the likes of two World Wars, a ‘Great Depression,” as well as the likes of 60’s rock ‘n roll coupled with man on the moon and the advent of the computer age. Did I mention the era growth of hot rodding?

One can count the decades and read what history has foot printed within our family trees. But can we recollect the significance to the fact that after three generations of family ownership, a company not only maintains it’s operational prowess, but aspires to challenge the leadership of companies much larger in scope, but less likely to aspire to the likes of innovation, creation and service?
Egge Machine Company is just such a company. Larger than life and centered in the enclaves of former hot rod hero’s, racers who pounded the historic dirt tracks of the 1920’s and eager to meet the needs of hoards of collector car afficionados whose dream ride might be steel and axles that your great-great grandfather once dreamed of owning.

Spanning decades of operation as a specialized manufacturing of domestic engine parts applications from the early 1900s to 1980, Egge operates a state-of-the-art foundry and world-class machine shop at its Santa Fe Springs, CA facility. As the name Egge, became more household to those looking for obsolete parts, Bob Egge moved the company to its present located in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Once again meeting the challenges of growth, Bob committed to expansion and acquired several building totaling over 50,000 square feet. The inclusive framework of the operation included a manufacturing faculty, warehousing, distribution, sales, and operations office plus additional showroom space.

Further enhancement to the manufacturing process came in the form of hydraulic molding equipment. Again, expanding the range of coverage to include 60s and 70s model years and expanding the throughput of product. Committing to keeping the family name moving vertical enabled superior service to be a primary earmark to growth and sustainability. Yes, Egge became a worldwide niche brand providing superior and original manufacturing capabilities not to be found elsewhere. Bob Egge and his sister Kathryn Weaver are third generation owners who have recently handed the management reigns to Ernie Silvers, CEO. Ernie is a fit and finish leader who recently lead SEMA’s ARMO council chairman. With a broad based platform to manage and operate the Egge Machine Company, the sustained growth moving into the 21st century became an extension of the family tradition. It has been Silver’s profound guidance that now, alone with company president B