Hot Rod Parts Guide

The HRPG is a solution to clutter, providing a FAST & EASY method of locating rod, restoration, and muscle parts manufactures, jobbers, and retail parts providers as well as service companies.

Think of how many cards, brochures, magazines, and fliers you’ve collected recently. Likely you have them in a corner, desk drawer, box in the closet, or in the garage. This can drive one nuts when they’re wondering “where did I put it” or “I can remember the booth but can’t remember the name”, or worse yet, “need it now and can’t sleep thinking about it”.

The HRPG operates as a for-profit corporation supported by sponsor companies. Part of our mission is to propel higher automotive education at the community and university levels. Some of our revenue provides needy and worthy students with scholarships and grants and also provides instructional program design with a focus on business management, marketing, and aftermarket business development.

The Logical Solution

An organized and logical data retrieval system distributed online and in print, the Hot Rod Parts Guide is updated weekly and organized in a series of logical navigation tools such as parts categories and What’s HOT sections for your review – which makes finding what you’re looking for FAST and EASY. .

  • What’s HOT: Companies … tells what’s in a company name
  • What’s HOT: Products … cool parts press releases direct from industry manufacturers
  • What’s HOT: Catalogs … a fast view of company catalogs so you can order direct
  • What’s HOT: News … stay in the know with the latest press releases from major sources



Established in 1996 as the ACCESS RPM Yellow Pages, it’s founder Dick Dixon has entrusted the FAST & EASY way to get connected to hundreds of companies, and thousands of parts to A Graphic Advantage as of January 1st, 2013. Our goal is to constantly improve this gearheads’ GO-TO PARTS GUIDE.

The HRPG thanks the advertisers represented inside Hot Rod Parts Guide who aide in providing ongoing support. Their advertising dollars go toward building the best place to find information about parts and their manufacturers online and in print.

The Hot Rod Parts Guide is an example of gearheads working together to make it happen. This industry is about friends helping friends. Long may it be exactly that.